Friction stir welding (FSW) services & products

We offer the processing capacity of friction stir welding different sizes of workpieces - copper, aluminium and other metals.

Friction stir welding (FSW) products
friction stir welding service for copper components

We provide friction stir welding services for copper components of various sizes.

The FSW process is an innovative method of welding metals. It involves joining components firmly and rigidly against each other, where traditional tooling is replaced by a special fixture, comprising a stop crown and a mandrel. The tool moves along the weld line, while rotating to generate friction on the surface of the workpieces being joined. When heated in this way, the workpiece metal yields, but does not reach its melting point.

The friction stir welding process is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than conventional fusion welding or riveting, while enabling the bonding of metals previously considered difficult to weld.
FSW can be used for bonding of copper to aluminium, steel to aluminium, steel to nickel, copper to titanium, cast workpieces, and stainless-steel grades. A significant advantage of FSW is also the high processing efficiency, which translates into shorter production cycles per component.

This process is very common in the production of components for the aviation and automotive industries. Shipyards and train builders also use FSW because of its benefits.

In this process, FSW Electris works closely with different research units, exchanging knowledge and experience and applying it in the processing of copper components to ensure maximum manufacturing quality.

Benefits of the FSW process:

  • easy fabrication of welds with high, repeatable mechanical and structural performance,
  • very long, crack-free welds are manufacturable,
  • the resulting strength properties of the welds can outperform arc welding.

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