The components we manufacture are used under harsh conditions, including in some of the world’s largest oilfields.

products for companies in the mining sector

We also make our products for companies in the mining sector.

Electris has been manufacturing various components that power some of the world's largest projects for many years.

In the mining industry, copper and aluminium components, such as bus bars, for example, play a key role. They are highly conductive and durable, making them ideal for use in the demanding environment of mines or oil fields.

Copper bus bars are commonly used to conduct electricity to the motors and pumps that power the mining process. Components made of these metals are also used to connect electrical components in switchgear and transformers, enabling the efficient and safe transfer of electricity throughout the operation.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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Our offer includes a wide range of custom-made components.

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