Copper and Aluminium Milled Parts

Milling is used whenever high processing precision is required or a complex shape needs to be manufactured.

Milled products
CNC milling is suitable for copper and aluminium

CNC milling is suitable for metals like copper and aluminium.

During a CNC milling process, layers of material are mechanically removed in order to give the workpiece the desired shape, dimensions and the specific properties of the surface layer.

We have computer numerical-controlled 3-axis (3 AX) and 5-axis (5AX) machine tools available which facilitate delivering to you even the most demanding project, even components up to 4 m long. Complex workpieces are produced automatically by the rotating cutting tools. Modern machine tools help us to reduce the milling run to the bare minimum. To properly prepare for the milling process on our CNC machine tools, we generate the design of the component in 3D and then simulate the machining to optimise the cutting path and minimise material waste, while achieving maximum time savings.

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CNC milling service

The CNC milling service at Electris incorporates:

  • Modern 3-axis (3 AX) and 5-axis (5 AX) milling machines.
  • Feasibility of machining very long workpieces (length: 3–4 m).
  • Very high quality and precision of the milled products.
  • Know-how and experience: fully trained programmers with expertise and extensive experience in CNC milling using copper and aluminium.
  • Quality control at every stage of product processing.
  • Direct communication with you throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Machining process preparation: simulation of tool passes and cutting path optimisation.
  • Minimised material waste with maximised time savings.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.


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