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Electris - leader in copper and aluminum processing in the European market

Electris is a leading Polish manufacturer and supplier of copper and aluminium components and assemblies to major corporations worldwide.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the market, our client-oriented focus, the wide range of services in our portfolio, the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes applied, and the launch of new processing, as well as the superior quality of its products, we have built a strong position, becoming one of the best OEMs of copper components in the European market.

Electris is constantly developing, capturing new trends and diagnosing unmet needs. On this basis, we design even more modern and effective solutions for our partners, at the same time setting new directions in the industry.

We have been distinguished with the Certificate of Business Credibility every year, demonstrating that we are is a trustworthy business partner.

Copper processing is difficult, requiring a great deal of knowledge and experience. We have been doing this for many years, so we know how to provide you with the optimum selection of parameters, manufacturing processes and tools to develop a tailor-made product that meets your most exacting quality standards. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities available, ensuring we can provide reliable rapid prototyping as well as high-volume production.

Our copper processing technologies are automated and innovative, endowing us with:

  • suitable performance,
  • production speed,
  • precision,
  • minimum production waste.

Our knowledge, available technologies, production processes, experience, innovation and openness to finding new solutions and areas for improvement can help you to successfully implement the most complex and advanced projects.

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There are many roads to success. We believe that the combination of passion, expertise, and professionalism produces tangible results.

We have 20 years of experience in the market.

The history of our company begins in 2003.

We employ only the best experts.

We have 200 highly qualified staff members.

We partner with 100 clients from all around the world.

You always receive services tailored to your individual business needs.

We are a certified European supplier.

Our superior quality, accuracy and precision are what you will value.

Our manufacturing operations are based on a policy of sustainability.

For years, we have been striving for synergy in all our environmental protection initiatives.

We operate the latest manufacturing facilities.

Our processing infrastructure is based on technologies that enable us to develop custom copper and aluminium parts which conform to the most stringent quality standards.

Our advantage is our professional R&D team.

Each month, we produce more than 1000 engineering drawings and as many as 400 copper prototypes.

We have extensive production capacities.

We develop prototypes and manufacture both short and long series of various custom products.

We offer comprehensive 360-degree client service.

Any business with us means full client service from the sales process through servicing and after sales support.

We make sure that our products are delivered to you on time.

Our OTD rate is an astonishing 99.54%.

Non-ferrous parts manufacturer

We have state-of-the-art processing equipment and infrastructure based on the latest manufacturing technologies that empower us to develop products that comply with the most stringent quality standards and retain the highest possible performance. We serve business partners all over the world, who, thanks to our innovative production model, enjoy a service customised to their individual business needs.

All this adds up to our capabilities in the production of a wide range of high-tech products and systems, from prototypes and small series to mass production.

We have all the solutions necessary to meet your expectations.

History – we date back to 2003.

The company originally operated under the name Transkęt s.c., and then we changed it to its current name after a few years. The core business was the production of copper and aluminium components for the electrical power engineering and telecommunications industries. It is interesting to note that in the beginning, we only had three second-hand machines.

Today, we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities deployed in a factory with a total area of 6,000 m2, and have become one of the leading manufacturers of copper and aluminium components in Europe.

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Latest manufacturing technologies and processes

We have a wide range of manufacturing solutions and peripheral processes available to provide you with low- and high-volume contracted manufacturing capabilities.

Check out the technological processes we offer

Comprehensive 360-degree customer service

Partnering with us ensures a supply of excellent quality copper and aluminium products, as well as a full 360-degree service for you.
We provide innovative and comprehensive solutions in contract manufacturing.

Starting with the design and prototype production, through the machining and finishing process, followed by a precise and multi-stage quality control, assembly of optional components, lamination, powder coating, electroplating (with tin, nickel, or silver), to the assembly and dispatch of your components.

Our services and solutions are comprehensive and innovative.

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Superior product & service quality guaranteed

Superior quality, accuracy and precision are what you value us for.

Every product that leaves our plant is thoroughly tested and inspected in a quality control process that covers several stages.

Check out our quality systems

CSR and sustainable development policy

In our operations, we pursue the concept and promotes the principles of responsible business, incorporating social and environmental interests into its strategy.

Our sustainability and the highest environmental standards are the direction in which we have always been heading.

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See our job openings!

We are growing and always seeking new hires.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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Our offer includes a wide range of custom-made components.

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discuss your needs.

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