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We are one of few companies in Central and Eastern Europe to have developed a process lamination of bus bars and other electrical custom components.

Laminated products

We are one of few companies in Central and Eastern Europe to have developed a process lamination of bus bars and other electrical components made to specification.

Bus bars are one of the many types of copper components that have a very important role in the production of machines, switchgear units or controllers in many sectors of industry.

Laminated bus bars consist of layers of copper separated by a thin dielectric, laid up to form a uniform structure. Thanks to the bus bar lamination process, each copper layer is suitably insulated, so that conductive elements with different potentials are electrically separated from each other.

We are one of few companies in Europe to have developed a process for lamination of electrical bus bars. Our machines can make components of various shapes – from small items to ones measuring up to 650 x 800 mm. We can manufacture one-off pieces, as well as large series of laminated products. For your benefit, we also provide adequate High Voltage  - HV (30 kV) and Partial Discharge (PD) voltage tests to ensure the right quality of the products.

The use of laminated bus bars ensures space-saving installation in switchgear or control cabinets, easy assembly, and high work efficiency. At high current loads, bus bars perform much better than cables or wire conductors.

Extensive production capabilities

Electris provides laminates for electrical insulation:

  • Extensive production capabilities: we can manufacture in short and long series – providing you with flexible options.
  • Supply of laminated bus bars in the following configurations:
  • Single-layer, comprising a single conductor bar.
  • Multilayer, comprising two or more conductor bars, each separated by insulation.
  • Manufacturing of laminated components in various shapes – from small components to those measuring 650 x 800 mm.
  • Suitable High Voltage (30 kV) and Partial Discharge voltage tests, to ensure we supply laminated bus bars of guaranteed quality.
Electris laminates

Electris laminates for electrical insulation are:

  • Space-saving: compared to power electronic equipment connected by wiring, bus bars save much more space.
  • Easy to install: electronic systems or components are mounted directly onto the laminated bus bars. This makes installation easy and the whole plant convenient to maintain, which in turn reduces production and maintenance costs.
  • Improved electrical properties: reduced inductance, impedance and increasing capacity.
  • Improved current carrying capacity: laminated bus bars have a larger cross-section and can handle high current loads.
  • Improved thermal performance: larger surface areas provide better heat dissipation and thermal radiation.

Thanks to the latest and technologically advanced processing machines and the expertise of our engineers, we can provide extremely high quality in our laminated electrical components.

specialised manufacturer of bus bars
Laminating process materials

As a specialized manufacturer of laminated bus bars, we use several different non-ferrous metal alloys for their production.

Depending on your product application, purchase order, and technical specifications, they may include among others:

  • Cu-ETP or Cu-OF sheet copper;
  • AW-1050 or AW-5754 sheet aluminium.

We make laminated bus bars from laminates coated with an epoxy-based adhesive:

  • Nomex®;
  • Mylar®;
  • PET;
  • NMN.

UL-approved insulation materials, available on request:

  • GPO3;
  • FR-4;
  • Kapton®;
  • Tedlar;
  • Exolon;
  • and more.
technologies applied in lamination

Material processing technologies applied in lamination

  • Fiber laser punching;
  • Grinding;
  • Lamination;
  • Press-fitting of fasteners;
  • Bending;
  • Stamping;
  • Marking;
  • Electrical tests - high voltage HV (30 kV) and incomplete discharge (PD);
  • Electroplating (tin, silver, gold, chromate, and nickel plating).

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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