Roads, motorways, and city infrastructure – a variety of copper or aluminium components are needed everywhere.




Copper fits in with the concept of green building

Our copper products and components fits in with the concept of green building.

Durability, long life cycle, energy and thermal efficiency, as well as recyclability – copper meets the requirements for materials prerequisite for green buildings. As it is an efficient conductor of heat and electricity, copper components are used in city infrastructure and the construction of roads, motorways and buildings. It is also used in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as heat pumps and even lighting systems.

We have in-depth experience in the development and production of copper and aluminium parts for businesses building the infrastructure of large conurbations as well as small towns. These include products like bus bars of various sizes, cable trays, or small hardware components, including connectors and fittings.

We are well aware of the potential of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium, which means that we are constantly growing by seeking new opportunities to process them and manufacture new products.

We serve people like you all over the world, as we can provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services, from prototypes to mass production.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

Write to us so that we can prepare
a dedicated proposal for you.

Design, prototype, production – we provide end-to-end service.

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