Electro insulating components with Nomex® and Mylar® films

We manufacture a variety of electrical insulating components and parts made to your specifications using Nomex and Mylar electro insulating films.

Electro-insulating films
Mylar® and Nomex® electro-insulating films

Our range includes the well-known and respected Mylar® and Nomex® electro-insulating films brands.

Thanks to our advanced and modern manufacturing facilities, the electro insulating films can be processed as required: by cutting with CO2 laser, used in lay-ups for laminated bus bars, or bent and marked according to the specification.

We can route and pack the electrical insulating film parts appropriately, in order to protect the well against external conditions.

Mylar electrical insulating film

Mylar films - polyester electrical insulating

Mylar is a polyester film that comes in different thicknesses. It is widely used in electronics and many other industries, and due to its insulating properties, we also use it for lay-ups in the bus bar lamination process.

The main advantage is the very low loss of dielectric strength with increasing temperature and humidity, which is why it can work as an electrical insulator at elevated temperatures (up to 105°C). Chemically stable, highly tensile and heat-resistant Mylar® film insulators are used for electrical and thermal barriers or screens. Applications include wind turbines, hybrid propulsion systems, electrical transformers, power generators, and electric motors. In transformers, Mylar film is used as core, layer and surface insulation.

Benefits and features of Mylar® film:

  • Various thickness available: 190 μm, 250 μm, 300 μm, 350 μm, 500 μm (on special request only).
  • Higher thickness (above 190 μm) makes the film milky and more opaque.
  • Dielectric strength increases with thickness.
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and solvents.
  • Excellent electrical, chemical and physical performance.

Nomex electro-insulating film

Nomex® is a synthetic electrical insulating paper composed of mixtures of polyamide flakes and fibres. It features tremendous resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as beta and gamma rays. It can be applied in various equipment, ranging from DC and AC motors to high power generators, transformers and chokes.

Benefits and features of Nomex® insulating film:

  • non-flammable,
  • various thicknesses available (0.05 to 0.76 mm),
  • dielectric and mechanical strength,
  • resistant to extreme cold and heat,
  • high rigidity.

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