Copper Laser Cutting

We provide cutting services for copper, aluminum and other metal parts using fiber lasers.

Fiber laser cutting

We provide cutting of sheet metal with fiber lasers. Our cnc machines process metal sheets made of copper, aluminum or steel.

Fiber lasers feature state-of-the-art solutions (including automation, continuous process control systems and more), which contribute to high quality and repeatability. A laser light beam is used for cutting, focused by suitable optics on the material being processed. The energy of the laser beam (which may be continuous or pulsed) melts the material within the kerf, while the molten metal is blown away by the gas. Thus, with sufficient laser output power, any copper or aluminium sheet can be melted and then cut. The design of a fiber laser facilitates the cutting of even the most complex geometries with superior quality along the cut edges.

A major advantage of fiber laser cutting copper and aluminium is that it allows to quickly manufacture even the most complex and precise cuts, as well as to reduce the cutting costs compared to traditional cnc cutting methods. This process also ensures repeatability, resulting in identical component pieces, which is extremely important in high and low-volume production.

For thicker materials, we provide and use water jet cutting. However, nowadays we use this process less and less often, because the increasing power of available laser cutting machines shortens the processing time of cutting copper or aluminum several times.

copper and aluminium laser cutting service in Electris

Benefits of cutting copper and aluminium with fiber lasers:

  • Full repeatability of the metal cutting process.
  • Cutting of multiple, even extremely complex shapes in a very short run time.
  • Highest quality of cut edges.
  • Lower cutting process costs compared to traditional cutting methods.
  • The processing run time is reduced to the bare minimum.

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