Electris Power Components

We are a European leader in the manufacture and supply of custom copper and aluminium components made to specification

Millions of our copper and aluminium parts are used within
some of the largest projects in the world.

Products driving
the modern world
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A wide range of
technological processes
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We provide end-to-end contract manufacturing services for custom copper and aluminium components made to specification. One of our most popular products are customized bus bars, which we have been supplying to the world’s largest companies for 20 years.

See the custom made copper and aluminium products or solutions
we create and supply over the whole World!

As a leader in copper hardware processing on the European market, we utilize the latest manufacturing facilities.

There are many roads to success. We believe that the combination of passion, expertise, and professionalism produces tangible results.

We have 20 years of experience in the market.

The history of our company begins in 2003.

We employ only the best experts.

We have 200 highly qualified staff members.

We partner with 100 clients from all around the world.

You always receive services tailored to your individual business needs.

We are a certified European supplier.

Our superior quality, accuracy and precision are what you will value.

Our manufacturing operations are based on a policy of sustainability.

For years, we have been striving for synergy in all our environmental protection initiatives.

We operate the latest manufacturing facilities.

Our processing infrastructure is based on technologies that enable us to develop custom copper and aluminium parts which conform to the most stringent quality standards.

Our advantage is our professional R&D team.

Each month, we produce more than 1000 engineering drawings and as many as 400 copper prototypes.

We have extensive production capacities.

We develop prototypes and manufacture both short and long series of various custom products.

We offer comprehensive 360-degree client service.

Any business with us means full client service from the sales process through servicing and after sales support.

We make sure that our products are delivered to you on time.

Our OTD rate is an astonishing 99.54%.

We would be happy to
discuss your needs.

Write to us so that we can prepare
a dedicated proposal for you. Ask for a quote.

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