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We are expert in the processing of non-ferrous metals and the manufacturing of custom and dedicated products.

Our products are sold to many large enterprises known all over the world, and appreciate the quality, the high standard service and the experience and knowledge of Electris engineers.

Our components are used in switching substations, control panels, control cabinets, storage systems, wind and solar energy inverters, AC and DC power systems, vehicle chargers and batteries, transformers, uninterruptible power systems and many, many other applications that are used in multiple industries, including renewable energy, transport, railways, shipbuilding, power generation and aviation.

Our portfolio is constantly being expanded with new types of products, and existing components and parts are being upgraded and improved.

Discover our solutions for different sectors.

Energy generation is one of the key contributors of growth in industrial sectors and entire economies.

Our robust, durable and reliable components serve in power distribution systems all over the world.

Innovative components for offshore and onshore wind power generators are important features in our portfolio.

Electris develops components used in the solar power and photovoltaic panel sectors.

Data centres and IT server rooms are another sector to which Electris supplies components.

New trends in the automotive industry present us with new challenges – not least in the production of innovative products and components.

The materials used in aerospace and the aviation sector have to meet strict requirements.

We are seeking to be a proactive player in reinventing a new, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly rail industry.

One of our leading products is copper bars, critical components in the infrastructure of transport systems.

One of our leading products is copper bars, critical components of the infrastructure of telecommunication systems.

Roads, motorways, and city infrastructure – a variety of copper or aluminium components are needed everywhere.

Our wide range of products finds applications in the development of large and modern power and utility systems for buildings.

Heavy industry requires dedicated solutions that are robust and durable.

Products made of appropriate copper alloys are very popular in the shipbuilding and marine industries

The components we manufacture are used under harsh conditions, including in some of the world’s largest oilfields.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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