Automotive & e-mobility

New trends in the automotive industry present us with new challenges – not least in the production of innovative products and components.

Automotive & e-mobility
recently set its sights on e-mobility innovation

The automotive industry is growing rapidly every year, and has recently set its sights on e-mobility innovation.

Increasing numbers of passenger vehicles, public transport vehicles – including buses – and even mining machines are powered by electric power or hybrid propulsion. We are well aware of the potential of this market and we are continually expanding our share in it.

The dynamic development of the electromobility sector and the need to seek alternative energy sources that minimise environmental impact and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are considerable drivers of increasing copper use. This is an important mined material for energy storage technologies. The solutions we implement (such as the innovative process of cutting and laminating copper parts, which are key components of the latest switchgear and power distribution systems), frequently pave the way and set new trends for industry.

We have recently added an innovative powder coating process to our portfolio of solutions, complete with advanced masking techniques for electroplated copper bus bar coating. This unlocks new opportunities that allow us to work with many clients in many sectors, such as e-mobility, electrical batteries, and more.

The components we manufacture, like custom bus bars, connectors and liquid cooled heat sinks, are parts for the battery systems used in electric vehicles and other applications.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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