Wind power

Innovative components for offshore and onshore wind power generators are important features in our portfolio.

Wind power
Renewable energy, the generation

Renewable energy, the generation of which does not have an environmental impact, is crucial in today’s world.

Innovative components, like specialised laminated bus bars, for renewable energy engineering companies manufacturing wind turbines, are important features in our portfolio. We provide our solutions to onshore and offshore wind power sectors.

We manufacture components for inverters and converters in power generators and for transformers in wind turbines. We also develop air-cooled heat sinks, and liquid cooled heat sinks. These products are based your specifications and fit perfectly with our mission, part of which is to act for the environment.

Today, with rising oil prices, a dwindling supply of crude oil, and the need to find more sustainable energy sources, wind power has never been more popular. Copper plays a crucial role in this landscape. It is critical that copper does not react with water. A major feature in the context of the rapid growth in the offshore wind power market is the use of increasingly large turbines and offshore installations.

We offer customised bus bars, laminated bus bars, liquid or air-cooled heat sinks, and electro-insulating board sand films.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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