Rapid Copper & Aluminium Prototyping New product development process

We offer a full new product development including aluminium and copper prototyping and implementation (NPI) process for anyone, which includes all the stages of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

Prototyping and design

We offer a full new product development and implementation (NPI) process for anyone, which includes all the stages of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and rapid metal prototyping.

As a company with international reach, extensive experience in the market and high ambitions for growth, we continue to ensure that we provide you with the highest level of service. Our services include design engineering, prototyping and certification of metal components (e.g. copper prototypes / aluminium prototypes).

We can produce new component designs according to the specific custom requirements of our business partners. Our standard is comprehensive partnership and consultation between the design and process engineers in our R&D Team and the design engineering teams of our commercial partners. We specify and suggest the right machining processes for the individual components and, during prototype production, verify the compatibility of all the relevant parameters. Due to the way we work, you can always assured of the quality of the products that you order.

Each month, we produce nearly 600 new engineering component drawings and as many as 400 metal prototypes.

full new product implementation (NPI) process

Our NPI process involves:

  • Precision, with high quality performance.
  • Development of the manufacturing process based on your engineering drawings.
  • Production of engineering drawings according to your instructions.
  • The knowledge and experience of the Electris design and process engineers.
  • Specification of the appropriate and optimal technologies required for the production of components.
  • Production of copper and aluminium prototypes, if requested (we make an average of 400 units per month).
  • ERP-based prototype production processes.
  • We provide a comprehensive PPAP for all stages of product approval for production.
  • Specification of optimum manufacturing processes and tooling, with cost optimisation.
  • Design and production of in-house tooling required to manufacture the components ordered.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

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