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Non-ferrous metal components manufacturer. Copper and aluminum products and parts.

As a leader in copper processing on the European market, we have extensive production capacities for copper & other metals components

Our manufacturing portfolio includes copper and aluminium components: current bars, brackets, profiles, bus bar clamps, spacer modules, pegs, separation screens, aluminium busbars, copper busbars, laminated bus bars, copper flat bars, tube and rod hardware, copper connectors, conductor bars,  and much more aluminium & copper hardware. We have access to a wide range of sheet metal and flat bars. You can optionally order our powder coating and insulation application services. In addition to copper bus bars and components, our range also includes water and air-cooled heat sinks, multilayer laminated bus bars, GPO-3 insulators, Mylar and Nomex film, as well as cable trays, all of which can be ordered with custom hole patterns.

Products for high, medium and low voltage solutions

We provide a wide range of components for high, medium and low voltage applications. Our products are used in horizontal and vertical conductor bar systems and in the production of HV and LV switchgear units.

If you would like to see if we can manufacture a specific product for you, send us your request!

The components we manufacture are used in, among others:

  • battery banks,
  • data center equipment: control cabinets,
  • control panels,
  • in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
  • generators,
  • AC power systems,
  • DC power systems,
  • converters - power converters,
  • current distribution boards,
  • switchgear and static panels,
  • transformers,
  • inverters,
  • UPS power supplies,
  • solar power systems,
  • wind power systems,
  • marine equpiment,
  • rail transportation equipment,

and many, many other devices.

Efficient and effective power distribution with our electrical bus bars form copper and aluminium

We are one of few companies in Central and Eastern Europe to have developed a process lamination of bus bars and other electrical components.

We provide cutting of sheet metal (copper, aluminum and other) with fiber lasers.

We develop, manufacture and supply kits of various electrical components (like battery bus bars) that can form the building blocks of disposable and rechargeable battery systems, with applications in the automotive, transport, construction engineering and even marine or entertainment industries.

Milling is used whenever high processing precision is required or a complex shape needs to be manufactured.

We provide components that are manufactured by CNC turning, such as pins, connectors, fittings, and more.

We offer the processing capacity of friction stir welding different sizes of workpieces - copper, aluminium and other metals.

Our product range also includes air-cooled passive heat sinks.

We manufacture various types of insulation components for electrical and thermal protection e.g custom electrical insulation paper sheet for industry.

We manufacture a variety of electrical insulating film components to your specifications using Nomex and Mylar insulating films.

We provide you with a supply of optimized electrical cable trays.

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