Solar power

Electris develops components used in the solar power and photovoltaic panel sectors.

Solar power
Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources largely determine our future.

Photovoltaic power and other renewable energy sources are a great opportunity today to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Many businesses want to put their weight behind the transition in their power generation by investing in modern PV panels. At our processing facilities, we develop and manufacture components and bus bars that have very common applications in the solar power and PV sectors, including photovoltaic inverters.

Both copper and aluminium are energy-saving materials, so it is not surprising that they are used in PV panels. In addition, PV panels achieve maximum efficiency when solar irradiation is greatest, meaning the temperatures are high, as copper accumulates and dissipates heat better than other conductive materials.

Copper also has applications in the connectors and power electronics used in inverters as well as control and measurement systems. Copper is used to make parts for inverters, transformers and ribbon cables for photovoltaic cells. Copper bus bars are very often used in photovoltaic farms. We can bend, twist, stamp, drill, or fabricate holes in these components to shape them as we need. Bus bars distribute power efficiently, which is why they are used not only in PV modules, but also in the construction of power enclosures and switchgear. They also serve in grid connections of power transformers.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

Custom made copper products and components for high, medium and low voltage solutions

We provide a wide range of components for high, medium and low voltage applications. Our products are used in horizontal and vertical conductor bar systems and in the production of HV and LV switchgear units.

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We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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