Aluminium & Copper Forming: Bending, Twisting & Tubing

We provide copper and aluminium marching services like forming, including bending and twisting of the workpiece.

Forming, bending, twisting

We provide services in copper and aluminium forming, including bending and twisting of the workpiece. Our cnc machines process various metals, i.e. aluminum, copper, steel and many others.

Each workpiece manufactured at our manufacturing plant can be formed in any way you wish, such as by bending or twisting.

Bending of sheets and hardware pieces, including those made of copper or aluminium, is a working process that permanently alters the curvature of the workpiece without any decrement of material. In this process, completely new objects with a variety of functionalities can be produced from copper sheets or flat bars. We operate modern bending brakes. CNC bending machines provide superior, defect-free bending results, accurate repeatability and very high process quality.

You can order a wholly customized bending process: from small parts with a single bend to larger, complex parts with many different bends, including components made of copper sheet or sections up to 30 mm thick.

Twisting of copper or aluminium workpieces involves conforming them in a way that changes the installation orientation from vertical to horizontal, or vice versa. This allows us to replace several components assembled together by bolting them together with a single twisted component.

We can tailor the entire manufacturing process to your requirements.

metal forming, including bending and twisting

Our aluminium and copper workpiece forming process is:

  • Modern CNC bending brakes that ensure high precision, accuracy and process quality.
  • Even the most unique and complex designs are manufacturable.
  • In-house design engineering and manufacture of special bending tooling.
  • Repeatability of the entire process.
  • Elimination of production errors.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

We offer a wide range of customized products.

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