Copper & Aluminium Powder Coating Services

We provide a comprehensive masking and powder coating process for copper and aluminium components at the Electris in-house powder coating plant.

Powder coating

We provide a professional painting, masking and epoxy powder coating service for copper and aluminium components.

We are committed to making our portfolio comprehensive and complementary, while seeking new opportunities for growth. This is why we have developed and implemented a state-of-the-art epoxy coating process for copper and aluminium components at our plant, complete with appropriate masking techniques.
Bus bars are powder coated to build an insulating coating with the right physical, aesthetic and performance properties, thanks to which the components are appropriate for application in the manufacture of batteries, chargers, or power banks for the automotive and e-mobility sectors.

Copper requires pre-treatment of the metal surface to achieve correct adhesion and the expected powder coating parameters. This requires experience and the relevant know-how. We have been working with copper for many years, so we know how to clean it to remove all impurities, such that the powder coating features durability, adhesion and an aesthetically pleasing finish. By applying appropriate masking and protection techniques, our powder-coated components meet all the quality requirements you specify.

Our powder coating line features the most advanced equipment from leading OEMs in the coating industry. We routinely collaborate with specialist chemical and research companies and world-class coating manufacturers.

Watch the video about our powder painting.

Powder coating

Powder coating at our plant is:

  • About manufacturing precision.
  • An advanced masking system, designed individually to suit your project.
  • Powder coating of complex copper and aluminium components.
  • The process of coating products can also be combined with electroplating using silver, nickel, tin, and other metals.
  • The coating layer is designed according to special technical specifications.
  • Multi-stage control of the powder coating quality on components (electrical insulation, mechanical performance, adhesion and corrosion parameters) with superior quality of coated parts guaranteed.
  • Modern tooling and materials.

We will turn your concept into a finished product, complete with the right documentation.

We offer a wide range of customized products.

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