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We provide you with a supply of optimized electrical cable trays.

Cable trays
customised cable trays

We offer a range of customized cable trays.

Cable trays, otherwise known as cable ducting, are standardized systems for organizing and managing cables and wires in electrical systems. Organization and management aside, these products provide safety and security of electrical wiring. They also facilitate efficient replacement of wiring and the extension of existing systems.

We offer halogen-free and halogen cable ducting, as well as wire mesh and steel ducts.
Apart from our wide range of cable ducting, we have developed a process enabling its cutting and customizing so that we can meet your most demanding expectations.

Our cable ducting portfolio includes various options:


  • Halogen-free trays;
  • Halogen trays;
  • Wire cable trays;
  • Ducting steel wire;
  • Cable trays for electrical systems;
  • Power cable trays;
  • Cable ducting;
  • Wire mesh;
  • Steel sheet.


customised way of hole-punching and cutting cable trays

We have developed a customized way of hole-punching and cutting cable trays so that we can satisfy your most exacting specifications.

We provide the following processing of cable ducting:

  • Bandsaw cutting;
  • Guillotine cutting;
  • Punching;
  • Grinding;
  • 3-axis milling;
  • Marking.
Halogen-free cable trays

Halogen-free cable trays are widely regarded as the safest choice.

They significantly minimize the risk of the formation of dangerous gasses during a fire.

Benefits of halogen-free cable management trays:

  • Safety;
  • Quick and efficient assembly and disassembly;
  • Temporary and permanent installation possible;
  • Customisable;

Halogen-free cable ducting is usually used in locations frequented by large numbers of people, like retail centers and transport hubs.

Wire cable trays are typically used for lightweight wiring systems.

Lightweight systems require efficient heat dissipation from hot wires or cables and where frequent and quick access to the wiring is needed. They are also used in systems that require frequent vacuuming or cleaning processes. They are among the most flexible ways of cable laying.

Benefits of wire mesh cable trays:

  • lightweight construction,
  • easy access to wiring,
  • quick installation that is almost tool-free,
  • resistance to ambient conditions, e.g. by optional lamination.

Steel cable trays

Steel cable trays, also known as troughs, are ideal for laying cables in areas where they are exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as outside of industrial facilities. Thanks to additional galvanic processing, such as zinc plating, they can feature exceptional resistance to corrosion by moisture. Steel cable ducting can also be perforated.

Benefits of galvanized steel cable ducting:

  • increased resistance to mechanical damage,
  • high resistance to weather conditions (extreme temperatures),
  • corrosion resistance,
  • optionally available with perforation.

We have a wide range of technological solutions and peripheral processes.

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