Passive & Air-Cooled Heat Sinks Manufacturer

Our product range also includes air-cooled passive heat sinks.

Air cooled heat sinks
air-cooled heat sinks

We manufacture passive, air-cooled heat sinks according to custom specifications.

Air-cooled heat sinks are used for passive cooling. These heat sinks are applied most often in the automotive industry. An air-cooled heat sink solution can be a simple system with only a heat sink block or a complex system where the heat sink is be combined with a heat pipe.

The most common passive aluminium heat sinks are made from aluminium sections cut to the required length. The typical aluminium heat sinks alloys used for the products include:

  • AW-6063,
  • AW-5754 (moisture-resistant with anti-corrosive properties),
  • AW-6082 (very high mechanical strength and weather resistance).

Another commonly used material for air-cooled radiators is copper (copper head sinks), which dissipates heat better than aluminium, as it has a lower thermal resistance. The most common copper head sinks sheet grades for this application include:

  • Cu-ETP (99.99% copper alloy),
  • Cu-OF (high-purity oxygen-free copper, which has good electrical and thermal conductivity and is processable by plastic forming).

Air-cooled passive heat sinks are classified into active heat sinks (which have an air fan mounted to boost the heat dissipation into the ambient environment) and passive heat sinks (which feature no moving parts).

Air-cooled heat sinks

Air-cooled heat sinks are commonly used in electronic circuits (cooling of integrated circuits, for example), amplifiers, and refrigeration equipment.

They are also used for cooling electric motors (automotive), which need components to dissipate high levels of generated heat. A well-specified heat sink ensures correct operation of the cooled component and may even extend the life of the latter. We manufacture custom heat sinks according to custom specifications.

Benefits and features of passive copper and aluminium heat sinks:

  • noise-free operation,
  • no electric power required,
  • no moving parts that can wear out quickly,
  • clean: free of dust and dirt,
  • reliable performance.

We perform a complete series of processing operations, which include:

  • Fiber laser punching;
  • Water jet cutting;
  • Grinding;
  • Friction stir welding (FSW);
  • 3 -axis and 5-axis milling;
  • Press-fitting of fasteners;
  • Marking;
  • Drilling;
  • Thread cutting;
  • Power coating;
  • Electroplating.

Products for high, medium and low voltage solutions

We provide a wide range of components for high, medium and low voltage applications. Our products are used in horizontal and vertical conductor bar systems and in the production of HV and LV switchgear units.

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