Together we are on the way to reach our greatest heights – electris & polish mountain runner roman ficek

Electris has become one of the main sponsors of the experienced and well-known mountain runner and ultra-runner Roman Ficek, who comes from the Maków Podhalański region in Poland.

This is the area where our company is also located. What is our common ground?

Roman Ficek is a polish mountain runner and ultra-runner. His greatest passion includes completing running expeditions and passing through thousands of kilometers across great mountain ranges. Roman’s successful achievements are, among others, the fastest ascent of the Carpathian Arc or running up the Rysy mountain nine times within 24 hours.

Last weekend he enjoyed the subsequent remarkable success. It took him just 20 hours and 24 seconds to complete the distance of 160 km of the UTVV Slovenia 2021 running race. He broke the record and won the competition, staying ahead of his competitors by over an hour. New challenges still lie ahead.

Together for new challenges and records

Electris appreciates talent and hard work. We believe, like Roman, that each goal can be accomplished by hard work, perseverance and commitment. Like our ultra-runner, we aim at reaching new heights and going for more to provide our Customers with advanced solutions and services.
We are very proud of Roman Ficek and keep our fingers crossed for his further achievements.

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