Modern measurement laboratory

As a company with international reach and extremely high ambition, we constantly care for the highest level of the service we offer to our Customers, including rapid prototyping and certifying of metal components. Since we’ve already had an advanced machine park, we’ve also decided to invest in the modern Length and Angle Measurement Laboratory.

Sectors serviced by Electris’ new laboratory

Opening the new measurement lab has been a long-awaited step in the company’s development. First, the lab is inevitable when implementing production for the automotive industry. We’re particularly committed to this sector because we see great potential in increasingly popular technologies – cutting-edge electric cars and hybrids. Our team broadens and presents their skills during industry events associated with the automotive sector. The new lab will let us accept new challenges in the field of the production of innovative components for the automotive industry.

The aviation industry is another sector in which the Length and Angle Measurement Laboratory will let us raise the production to a higher level. It’s one of many sectors whose future will be constituted by modern energy solutions which constantly demand introducing innovations. Electris takes part in the process of refining solutions for aviation by prototyping and producing specialized components. Thanks to their unique value they can be installed in energy systems in the world’s most advanced aircraft.

Modern laboratory equipment

The success of our new measurement lab stems from its equipment, which enables us to provide the highest service for all of our Investors. First, we have coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with a measuring range of 1500 x 800. Thanks to them, we can carry out spatial measurement of complex metal components we manufacture. Then we obtain highly accurate results, which is particularly important for our company because the industry sectors we service demand the highest precision. Metal components measured by CMM can have any complex shape, and we obtain the accurate measurement anyway. In the laboratory, we also have another coordinate measuring machine with a measuring range of 500 x 500 x 500.

A very important aspect of the production of metal components is its continuity. With the CMM in Electris’ new laboratory, it’s possible to automatically perform single and spatial measurements. Thanks to that the accuracy of the components is verified on an ongoing basis. That’s why we have no production downtime, which is extremely important from the economic point of view.

Another strength of our advanced coordinate measuring machine is the measuring arm. Its range is 1,2 m, and it can be used for very exact 3D measurements over shorter distances. Such features make the machine a leader in the field of portable CMM.

Calibration of control and measuring devices

Control and measuring devices such as calipers, altimeters, angle irons are calibrated on a properly equipped stand. It enables us to be sure that control and measuring devices will always provide correct results and that they can be used in the production process with the guarantee of measurement continuity.

Other functionalities of the new measurement lab

In addition to the possibilities we’ve already mentioned, the modern Electris’ Length and Angle Measurement Laboratory will also serve to measure deviations of shape (rectilinearity, flatness, roundness, cylindricity) and to dimension details. Each product we manufacture and measure will be assessed in terms of accuracy. We use suitable documentation to maintain the highest standards for any component we make. Then we report the measurements on our forms or ones sent by our Customers.

The lab also serves to measure galvanic coatings by a high-class spectrometer that defines their thickness and type. We can measure any galvanic coating on any surface thanks to appropriate gauge blocks. We carry out individual orders for galvanic coatings that meet the required quality standards. Moreover, we can make epoxy paint insulation. In the Length and Angle Measurement Laboratory, we also measure the thickness of varnished coatings.



What industry sectors are serviced by the new measurement laboratory?
What does the modern laboratory equipment contain?
What measurements are performed in Electris’ new laboratory?
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