Induction brazing of copper components

ELECTRIS company offers the service of copper elements brazing with the use of induction brazing equipment. The technology used was developed (according to PN-EN 12134:2004) and approved in cooperation with the Welding Institute. Please familiarize yourself with the brazing process of copper components in the aviation, automotive, electronics and other industries.

Copper brazing – modern technologies and materials

We have the ability to design and manufacture inductors, which allow to braze of various connections with optimal heating of the joint. By using special positioning tools we are able to meet the most stringent customer expectations in terms of quality.

We use advanced brazing materials, which we effectively employ in the process of brazing components used in the aviation industry.

Induction brazing stages in the aviation industry

The process of brazing aircraft components requires very high quality standards. The technology implementation and development process included the following stages:

  • preparation of station (positioning tools, setting tools, soldering station, equipment),
  • selection of brazing materials,
  • design and testing of inductor,
  • selection and optimization of heating process parameters.

A technology for brazing aircraft components has been developed as a result of tests carried out in cooperation with the Welding Institute and companies supplying materials. The technology strictly defines the type of inductor, time and parameters of heating, the use of dedicated materials (brazing rods, flux) and the use of specialized auxiliary tools.

Induction brazing technology in comparison to other metal joining methods (e.g. welding) has many advantages, e.g.:

  • possibility of connecting different materials (e.g. metal-ceramic joints),
  • no contamination of the materials to be joined,
  • lower stresses,
  • high concentration of heat energy which translates into higher process efficiency,
  • high aesthetics and joint quality,
  • preservation of high electrical conductivity of the element,
  • high cost-efficiency and repeatability of the process while maintaining high strength properties of the joint.

Use of brazed components

Brazed components are used in many industries such as connections of copper elements, automotive and electronics industries.

The induction brazing technology will be developed in particular to increase productivity and quality of manufactured parts. These issues include:

  • increased automation of the process,
  • development of technology of brazed materials,
  • improvement of methods of surface preparation and application of brazing materials,
  • modelling of brazing processes using software,
  • brazing tests of various grades of materials,
  • development of new quality control methods.

If you have any questions regarding the nature and process of copper brazing, please do not hesitate to contact ELECTRIS specialists.

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