We grow responsibly

Sustainability & environmental protection

Sustainability and the highest environmental standards in our plant are all part of the direction we have always been heading.

For years, we have been striving for synergy in all our environmental protection initiatives.

What do we do?

Energy savings and minimised CO2 emissions

We make every effort to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and gradually increase the share of renewable energy sources in our daily activities year after year. Since 2019, we have been monitoring our carbon footprint emissions closely, and have committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 50 % by the end of the next few years (by 2025). The electricity we use comes entirely from renewable energy sources, which is confirmed by appropriate certificates. As a result, over the past 2 years, we have emitted more than 58 % less CO2 into the atmosphere than in the baseline year (2019).

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing the following actions:

  • Using solar energy generated by photovoltaic panels
  • Having electric cars in our vehicle fleet, and an electric car charger on our premises
  • All Electris forklifts are electric, meaning they do not emit harmful exhaust fumes
  • Using modern and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Sustainable production and green projects

  • We consistently optimise our production processes, invest in state-of-the-art technologies and expand our manufacturing facilities with energy-efficient solutions.
  • We do not emit harmful noise – our technologies are zero or low-emission.
  • We also do not generate wastewater from the manufacturing processes.
  • We minimise the amount of waste generated by our operations, use reusable shipping packaging and systematically reduce our output of municipal waste. It is also obvious that we segregate rubbish on our premises and ensure that our employees are properly educated in this aspect.

Recycling policy

  • We are well aware that copper – our main raw material from which we manufacture components – is one of the most environmentally friendly materials of the future. It is durable and conducts electricity and heat very well, which in turn increases the efficiency of systems.
  • Copper can be recycled indefinitely – in 100% and without any loss of quality. In addition, it helps to reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint, as it provides energy systems with efficiency and savings.
  • All production waste and unused copper is returned to the copper smelter for remelting and future reuse.

Partnership with renewable energy businesses

We also contribute to environmental protection by working with companies in the renewable energy sector to develop photovoltaic, solar, wind, and cooling systems.

ISO 26 000 and EcoVadis certification

In 2023, we implemented the requirements of ISO 26 000. This is confirmed by our company's entry into the Ecovadis project, in which our sustainability and social responsibility activities were assessed at a high level - we received a bronze medal. In addition, our environmental initiatives have been positively evaluated on the Integrity Next and Position Green platforms. 

In EcoVadis project, our company has been recognized for its efforts in the field of sustainable development, focusing on four key areas: environmental protection, employees, business ethics, and procurement process. As a result, Electris has become part of the group of companies undergoing this independent assessment.
This independent assessment places Electris among an esteemed group of companies committed to sustainability.

Our actions undergo additional assessment on the IntegrityNext platform - a leading solution for managing a sustainable supply chain, enabling companies to evaluate and improve their sustainable development practices and meet regulatory requirements in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance). Integrity Next highly evaluates our initiatives in all areas examined.

The assessments conducted by EcoVadis and IntegrityNext hold immense significance for us, as well as our customers. This certification showcases how seriously we take our responsibility towards sustainability.

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