Electrical insulation sheets and boards manufacturer

We manufacture various types of insulation components for electrical and thermal protection e.g custom electrical insulation paper sheet for industry.

Electrical insulating sheets
GPO-3 insulation sheet

We offer GPO-3 (electrical insulation material) insulation sheet components

Depending on your specific technical requirements, we can develop electrical insulation components and parts from a variety of materials, including products from well-known and respected brands (like DuPont, Röchling, and Thyssenkrupp).

One of the materials we most commonly use is the GPO 3 electrical insulating sheet, which is a rigid GFR polyester panel. The most common application for them is electrical insulating components. The insulating components are used in switchgear, switches and control panels. We manufacture them from glass-fibre mats bonded with polyester resin. Thanks to the high strength of these insulation components, they can also be used as structural parts. The applications in the transport industry are many, like components for motor vehicles and trains. They are also used in control cabinets.

During production, we use advanced plastic manufacturing processes, which include:

  • 3 -axis (3AX) milling,
  • 5-axis (5 AX) milling,
  • Bending,
  • Drilling,
  • Thread cutting,
  • Press-fitting of fasteners,
  • Coating,
  • Marking.
Benefits and features of GPO-3 sheets

Components we make from GPO-3 sheets have a wide range of applications.

Benefits and features of GPO-3 sheets:

  • GPO-3 sheets are fireproof;
  • Excellent strength performance, including impact resistance;
  • custom electrical insulation paper sheet;
  • resistance to electric arcs and breakdown.

GPO-3 electro-insulating boards are used in:

  • power engineering and electrical engineering,
  • machinery and equipment,
  • motor and rail vehicles,
  • induction heaters,
  • LV and MV switchgear,
  • thermal insulation parts,
  • structural and support parts,
  • fuse holders.

Other electro-insulating boards available from Electris supplier:

FR-4 sheets

They are glass-fibre reinforced insulation panels bonded with epoxy resin. This laminated material is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. The applications are similar to that of GPO-3, including great strength and dielectric performance.

Lexan/Exolon sheets

These fire-resistant polycarbonate sheets that are mainly used as electrical insulators. They feature outstanding thermoplastic, mechanical, optical and thermal performance. They are extremely easy to process with and can be cold-formed. This material is an excellent alternative to glass. These multi-purpose, lightweight and rigid sheets are resistant to fire and UV radiation, which has made them a popular choice in different industries, like transparent covers for control cabinets.

Products for high, medium and low voltage solutions

We provide a wide range of components for high, medium and low voltage applications. Our products are used in horizontal and vertical conductor bar systems and in the production of HV and LV switchgear units.

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