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Liquid cooled heat sinks
liquid-cooled heat sinks

We manufacture water-cooled and liquid-cooled heat sinks from aluminium and copper.

Liquid or water-cooled heat sinks are blocks with inner passages fabricated for the coolant to circulate through. These components are commonly used in electronics and mechanical equipment. This heatsink type involve components that generate very high heat loads.

400 x 400 mm is the maximum size of liquid cooled heatsink we can manufacture.

Water-cooled heat sinks are most often manufactured from copper grades:

  • Cu-ETP (electrolytic-grade copper with 99.99% Cu content and excellent thermal conductivity);
  • Cu-OF (high-purity oxygen-free copper with excellent thermal conductivity and processable by plastic forming),

...or aluminium grades:

  • AW-5754 (high corrosion resistance),
  • AW-6063,
  • AW-6082 (high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance).

A water-cooled heat sink can be used as a cooler for a Peltier-effect cell (a module for heating or cooling of components). They are used, for example, in electromobility (automotive) to cool electric vehicle charging management modules.

Liquid cooled heat sinks

Liquid cooled radiators are also applied in diodes.

Even low-voltage and low-current diodes generate a lot of heat during continuous operation, and electronic circuits need to be well protected against the heat output. In addition, a too high temperature can significantly reduce the operating time of a device (by up to 50%) and if the over temperature limit is exceeded, the condition can be detrimental to the performance of the diode, which in the worst-case means diode failure. This requires liquid-cooled heat sinks.

Liquid-cooled heat sinks for thyristors or transistors are heat exchanger plates. On top of these, electronic and other components with a flat base can be mounted. The heat sinks usually have internal passages and are made of copper or aluminium. Liquid cooled heat sinks for power transistors are used when the output involves much heat and their enclosures alone cannot provide sufficient cooling.

Benefits and features of liquid cooled heat sinks:

  • noise-free operation,
  • require no electric power,
  • no moving parts that can wear out quickly,
  • reliable performance,
  • much more efficient than passive (air-cooled) heat sinks.

The material processing technologies for the production of liquid cooled heat sinks that we use are:

fiber laser cutting, water jet cutting, grinding, and FSW friction welding, 3AX and 5AX milling, leakage testing, press-fitting of fasteners, marking, drilling, thread cutting, electroplating (tin, nickel, silver, gold, and chromate plating), and in-house powder coating.

Products for high, medium and low voltage solutions

We provide a wide range of components for high, medium and low voltage applications. Our products are used in horizontal and vertical conductor bar systems and in the production of HV and LV switchgear units.

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